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#WCW on Balanced Beauty Bestie, Amber Skye!!!!

The Balanced Beauty, Private Holistic Health Coaching By Aly Mang- FEATURE: AMBER SKYE- KICKSTARTER
“I believe in creating every day enchantment.
And finding beauty and magic in the unexpected
… That’s how I look at the world and
what I hope to bring to every ounce of my music.” 

Hi Beauties!

It’s #WCW and today I am giving a HUGE shout-out to one of my Besties, Amber Skye!

Amber is a New York based actor, singer and songwriter. Over the past years she has appeared in commercials, voice overs, television shows (such as NBC’s The Blacklist and as “Tori” on the CW drama, “Beauty and the Beast”), and she is now releasing a new EP, called RIVERS, this Fall!!!!

This EP is described as, “Mystical, Alt-Pop/Rock.” Her sound is reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, Lorde, Phantogram, James Blake, Ellie Goulding, and/or Stevie Nicks. Her songs are mostly about the ups and downs in relationships and unexplored parts of love. Her lyrics are beautiful, relatable and speak to the soul, as themes are common struggles many young women face.

The Balanced Beauty, Private Holistic Health Coaching By Aly Mang- FEATURE: AMBER SKYE- KICKSTARTER

Out celebrating the launch of The Balanced Beauty!

Amber is someone The Balanced Beauty followers should be grateful for, because she is someone who encouraged me to create “The Balanced Beauty!” Since we were young girls, Amber was always that friend who encouraged me to be myself and keep pushing towards my dreams. There was a time I spent my days grinding behind a corporate desk, in an industry that I was not passionate about… Whenever we would meet up, Amber would always remind me of where my heart really was. She encouraged me to take action towards my goals.

Amber is a life-changing friend to me, a soul-sister, and an inspiration. I KNOW she has this same effect and influence on followers and fans of her music, and I am thrilled to introduce you to her. Amber’s talent is a remarkable gift and her voice is one that NEEDS to be heard!!!!

BUT–Amber needs your help!!! 

She has teamed up with Kickstarter to gain additional financial support from fans in order to complete this EP album. Normally a record label would front the costs of recording, mixing, mastering, packaging, photography and promotion but she is an independent artist, trying to make her music dreams a reality. Your pledge will help get her music off the ground!!!!

The Balanced Beauty, Private Holistic Health Coaching By Aly Mang- FEATURE: AMBER SKYE- KICKSTARTER
Back this project on KICKSTARTER

The sweet part is, Amber is incentivizing fans to pledge with AWESOME PRIZES! For every dollar donated, you get something fabulous in return.

Check pledge giveaway prizes below to see the cool way she is thanking YOU for being a part of her magical, mystical, musical journey!
 Love & Light 
to my fabulous Soul-Sista!!!! 



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Health & Happiness,

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