"Everything about the Balanced Beauty Program worked! I loved the Monday morning emails, consistency of information, and the education. I loved how the program felt very tailored to me and my personal needs. I felt that my coach was always accessible and answered my questions very quickly and honestly. It was an amazing experience!

When I began the Balanced Beauty journey, my initial goal was to lose weight for my wedding and honeymoon. I had absolutely no idea at the time that the health education I received and my lifestyle changes would impact every single area of my life in the most positive way.

I loved junk food and needed to stay on track to lose weight for my wedding. I signed up with Coach Aly, and she worked with me on specific foods and meals to prepare. She educated me on the importance of mind and body balance, and how the foods you eat, the physical exercise you engage in, and getting proper sleep are vital to health and wellness. My meals are now packed with healthy fruits, vegetables and proteins, and I am still able to have my much-loved desserts. She worked with me on portion size, meal combinations, and specific weight loss tips to incorporate into my daily lifestyle. The program is truly about balance, and I never once felt restricted or confined to a diet.

I lost 25 pounds while working with Coach Aly, and felt like a slender, beautiful princess on my wedding day! The best part of this whole process is the confidence I have. I feel so motivated to go after my goals and dreams because Coach Aly helped me meet my health and wellness goals. I plan to use all of the education I received during this journey throughout my entire life.

The biggest challenge for me was learning to manage stress. I felt so burned out from work and wedding planning, and was constantly exhausted and worried. Coach Aly gave me the tools I needed to relax and get in touch with my inner calm. She showed me the benefits of yoga and meditation, and I incorporate these practices into my schedule daily to stay calm, peaceful and strong. I have never felt more physically or mentally healthy in my life! Learning to relax and set aside time for myself has truly been the biggest, most important lesson I have learned.

My greatest success in working with Coach Aly has been that I feel that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. It is incredible how discipline and good self-care motivates you to go after every single personal and professional dream you have. I always had dreams, but now I have the confidence to go after them full force. Coach Aly has been such a huge motivator. She encourages you to set goals and helps you achieve them

The best part was honeymooning in Hawaii and feeling the most beautiful and in shape I have ever felt with my husband. I really feel like through this process you discover the best version of you possible, and it is because you have a huge supporter, educator and mentor helping you every step of the way.

I just got back from my honeymoon and know I will continue these changes throughout my life. I have never felt so great. It truly is a lifestyle change, and once you experience the benefits of taking care of yourself, you’ll never go back!! The Balanced Beauty program works because it is all about balance! It is the only sustainable program I have found, and it truly brings out the best version of you possible.

Thank you Coach Aly for giving me the tools I needed to reach my goals!!!!"

Jenny M, Bridal Client

"Working with Coach Aly was great! She really pushed me to work on my weakness. She helped me see things I couldn't see. We worked on something different each week and she was even there to support me during the whole pageant weekend. We worked on walking, interview skills, introductions and wardrobe. We watched past pageants and went over what made girls standout and shine. She was such a sweetheart and I fell in with her from the moment I met her. I felt prepared to do my best, and I did.

I really felt great about everything. I had a wonderful journey growing into this young lady. I am looking at the whole experience as 364 days to prepare for and even better me. I lost 13 pounds and haven't been this weight since high school (I will see my abs soon and that's a meeting I am anticipating that union). This is my dream and I am just one step closer. Thank you for all of your help and support!"

Kandice, Miss NJ USA Contestant

"Aly was recommended to me by a friend during a dark period in my life.  I had just lost one of my twins to premature birth.  I was staying with the other twin a few hours from home, where she was in the NICU.

I initially contacted Aly because I wanted to improve our family's eating habits and thought I would have time to do so while on maternity leave.   We had started to rarely cook healthy meals at home, given our busy work schedules and long commutes.  I wanted things to be different at home when our long NICU stay was finally over.  That is, I wanted to eat healthy meals as a family on a regular basis, and I thought Aly might be able to help with the meal-planning portion of this.

What Aly gave me was so much more than that; she truly takes a holistic approach!  After our first conversation she quickly honed in on the fact that we did not have a meal issue.  We had a lifestyle issue.  Since the birth of our first child, I had wanted to have more control of my time to cook nice food and work out. I also wanted to pursue a more fulfilling career.

She helped me see that the most important step I could take is to see things in a positive light and approach decisions from a place of love, not fear. In the spirit of "like attracts like," being positive could change the potential outcome of a situation.  For example, I have seen this over and over in the NICU, where I did not allow myself, or the doctors, talk negatively of the potential outcome before the test results are even back.

After working with Aly, I feel in control of my happiness by choosing positivity and gratitude instead of feeling like a victim.  As she says, it is hard to feel down when thinking good thoughts!  I am also in the process of revamping my career to suit my long-term goals.  The eating piece has naturally improved with her tips, in conjunction with starting to exercise again (plus, I no longer crave as much sugar and coffee.) By taking back control of my time, I now realize that showing up is half the battle.  Family meals are now a delight, not a chore.

This has also changed my relationship with my husband.  He is naturally a very positive person.  He is so pleased to see me happy and healthy, especially given the challenges we have been through as a family.  Thank you, Aly, for offering a customized, holistic approach!!"

Renee, Mom of 2

"Three months ago I decided it was time for me to face my weight gain head on.  Fortunately I heard about Aly through a family member who had been following her blog. So I took the first step and contacted Aly. After my initial call with Aly, I knew that with her guidance and my diligence, I could do this.  Aly listened to my concerns, and the coaching began.

Aly is so kind and compassionate, she gave me so much encouragement that if I followed her instructions, and stayed committed to my goal, I would reach it. Three months later, I have lost 20 pounds, I no longer suffer with acid reflux, I sleep so much better, and overall feel great! Aly taught me the key ingredients for my life style change, and the importance of maintaining consistency to this change.

It's amazing how quickly you start to see results when you are using the tools Aly provides, and you follow her guidance. The follow up phone calls and emails were so helpful for me. They kept me on track and accountable.

When you start to appreciate how good you feel with "clean" eating, there is no turning back. This is an investment in you, and only you can make the choice to take the first step.  I am so glad that I did!

Aly, I only have positive things to say about you and the guidance you provided for me. I am grateful to you and I would not have lost this weight without your coaching. You got me on track!!"

Kathy, Mom of 2

(26.3 miles, 4 hr 20 min time+ Toning/Fat loss/Weight loss):

"As long as I can remember I have been an athlete and in great shape but over the last 3 years I have become a serious painter. Working out started to make my hand shake when I paint, so I had to slow down. I was awarded the opportunity to have my art displayed on the finisher medals for the Miami Marathon. I have never been a long distance runner (mostly very fast short burst as you would in sports) but I make it a point to set goals and achieve them and decided if I was ever going to run in a race it would be this one…and yes the full one.

I reached out to Aly and began my training. It has been tough since I haven’t ran in a while but thanks to Aly and my weekly training schedule it has been smooth sailing on what to do and all things to focus on when running. She has been so informative with all my questions and very easy to reach. Since I have began my training, I have had a few injuries like pain in my foot and now my calf acting up…Of course each time I panic but Aly has the answers and puts me at ease with solutions and tips. Within the first four weeks of training I was down 8 pounds and completing 7 mile runs with ease. The foot pain is now gone and I am focusing on building both mental and physical endurance to take on this massive goal!

I will be the first person to design the finisher medal for the Marathon and actually run it! This is what is keeping me fighting every day to achieve this goal for both myself and my fans!"

After the race:

"Coach Aly was always there for me at any time to answer my questions and was super fun and energetic!!! She trained me through a cellphone and Email, which was amazing!!! Every week she was right on-time with my Email sending weekly tips, tricks and motivation. She was super supportive and got me all pumped-up every time we spoke!

I would recommend working with Coach Aly if thinking about running a marathon because this was definitely what got me ready for the race… There are just too many factors that play in the long run of 26.2 to just do it on your own. I was not a runner and I went from not running to completing a 26.2 mile run!"

Alex, Marathon Client (4 hours 20 min time)

"Going into the program, I had no idea how it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised with the customization that Coach Aly put into it, the rate at which information was sent, and her positive, inspirational attitude. I loved how many times a week information and touching base happened. It was not too much or too little.

The biggest challenge for me is sticking with my healthy choices in social settings. I have started overcoming it by sharing my story and some of the great facts Coach Aly has given me. My greatest success has been learning how to understand how the body works with what you put into it. Learning a little of the science behind it helped me to truly change my lifestyle and habits.

I truly enjoyed this program so much. Aly is such a wonderful coach. She is always positive, which is important because you don’t need someone telling you what you can’t do. I am also so happy to know that I can schedule a one on one later, or pick back up at any other time. I am excited to see what progress I will make on my own, but have a feeling I will be back to ask more questions!"

Clare, 3 Month Client

"Aly is an amazing health coach! Since I live in Germany our coaching could only take place via email, even so she was more than just moral support. Aly provided me with motivations, ideas, great recipes and answered all of my question super fast, with care and and attention to detail. She really involves you in her theme of balanced beauty and encourages and supports you to find your own way to it. I can't wait to work with her in person one day!"

Charlotte, International Client (Germany)

The Balanced Beauty turned me into a beast for the most challenging physical endurance event I've ever faced: The World's Toughest Mudder, a no holds barred, 24 hour obstacle race through mud, water, and sandstone cliffs in Lake Las Vegas. Aly's no nonsense nutrition and training guidance (she doesn't F around with silly fitness trends) helped my wife and I smash our goal of 55 miles and lead to one of the most euphoric accomplishments of my ​entire ​athletic career.

Matt, 55 miles of "World's Toughest Mudder"

"The Balanced Beauty is everything it claims to be. It is a program that helps you make the right decisions for your body and in all aspects of your life. It is not the type of program that restricts you, and tells you what you can and cannot eat. It helps you make better choices, it helps you try healthier options, and makes you feel great about yourself. I would recommend this program to anyone. I did it for my wedding for 3 months. I lost weight and felt amazing the day of the wedding. It is extremely helpful to know that there is someone watching out for you, that you can email any time of day, and helps you stay on track.

The amazing thing about Aly is that nothing she teaches you is so drastic that it would be impossible to keep up with. They are all small changes that add up. She busted a lot of myths I had heard over the years about eating and not eating certain things and once I knew the reasoning behind everything it was easy not to go back to my old ways.

Besides losing the weight that I wanted to for my wedding (I lost more than I thought I would) I learned tips that are easy to keep up. I worked out everyday leading up to my wedding and a large part of that is that I felt accountable."

Jenny G, Bridal Client

"I first went to Aly Mang for help with my diet.  I have an ulcer and was having trouble finding foods that wouldn’t irritate it.  Aly helped me to not only make better food choices, but she helped me to change the way I think about food.

She is not only knowledgeable about food and diet, she is passionate and joyous in her ability to share that knowledge with others.  She is also in amazing shape and she helped me to wrap my mind around yoga and the benefits that it could bring to me.  Aly Mang is a tremendous coach and teacher and lives what she preaches.  She was always supportive and encouraging, even when I fell off my program.  Her enthusiasm for health is contagious and I am in such better shape for having worked with her."

Victor, Professional Actor

"As a first time Miss New Jersey USA candidate I was excited but most of all I knew I needed the guidance, advice, and help of a former candidate, and true balanced beauty. In Aly and her business I found all of those qualities and more! Throughout my journey I found a friend, and unconditional support.

Aly was the definition of what a beauty queen should be like, and what I always aspire to be; A woman with intelligence, confidence, grace, loving and fun personality. She was like my own fairy godmother and I, her modern Disney princess. My three months with Aly were unforgettable and now I have a life long friend."

(Larissa went on to place 1st Runner-Up at Miss NJ USA and 2nd Runner-Up at Miss Latina International)

Larissa, Miss NJ USA Client

"The recipes and lists were perfect, I appreciated that SO much- such a big help for me! My biggest challenge was overcoming my resistance of listening to the advice of others. I kept thinking I was doing everything that was good for me, but with Coach Aly’s help, I saw that I wasn’t. My greatest success has been overcoming resistance, losing body fat, and overall, feeling much better than when I started…I now fit into all my clothes! I will maintain all changes going forward!"

Rosemarie, 3 Month Client

"I loved working wtith Aly! I would describe it as having your own personal hype girl. She gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed at Miss New Jersey USA.

Aly is very flexible and accommodating when it came to sessions and schedules. When we prepared, I loved that she didn't try to change who I was and squeeze me into a mold, she just helped me enhance and improve what was already there. The greatest success working with coach Aly was definitely winning Top 3 in swimsuit at Miss New Jersey USA!!! She helped me believe that I could do it and it was proven with that award!

I would absolutely recommend Coach Aly to a future contestant. She genuinely wants to help you shine!"

Julia, Miss NJ USA Client

"Working with Aly just came easy.  She’s knowledgeable, professional, open-minded and most of all she’s mastered the skill of listening.  I came to her with the goal to understand what a healthy lifestyle truly meant, as well as wanted to loose a little blubber.  Not only did she educate me on my eating habits and work within my busy schedule, but she also was a support system and motivator.

I’ve learned to fuel my body throughout the day and am more aware of how my body responds to different foods. Coach Aly was an amazing source for knowledge and overall guidance and support. What do I love most about her?  She appreciates that beauty is not only skin deep, and that the balanced beauty is so much more than just nutrition.  It really is about your mind, body and spirit.

I truly enjoyed my experience working with Aly and continue to implement the tactics she taught me on a daily basis. I can’t wait to work with her again in the months leading up to my wedding!"

Linsey, 3 Month Client

“Your voice feels so soothing and safe. I felt 100% safe to let go. Felt trust.

I instantly woke up in crystal blue waters. I was completely paralyzed but floating on soft waters. I felt many hands lightly keeping me at the surface of the water and I was drifting in a huge circle. Just looping the circle again and again very slowly. The sun was so bright, but I didn’t feel its heat for some odd reason. I was also able to stare at it with no irritation. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I felt completely alone physically but felt the presence of hands holding me. It was keeping me afloat and also giving me shockwaves throughout my body.

It was such a relaxing experience. All of my senses were feeling everything in an enhanced way. I just felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move an inch. I was 100% happy.”

Mindfulness Meditation, Experience Feedback

When I first began my 3 month program with TBB I felt stuck. I had tried every fad diet there was, and went to every extreme to lose weight. I was ready to make a serious change, and make it less about the number on the scale and more about a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

With the help of Coach Aly I feel great! She taught me that I had a lot of misconceptions about getting into shape. I didn’t realize you actually have to eat MORE in order to burn fat- where as before I was eating a lot less. I was taught that having a positive mindset each and every day really does affect your body. Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you! I have achieved an attainable plan for 2017, weight loss in 2016, and a sense of self love that has been hiding away for a long time.

Obviously losing weight was a plus, but Coach Aly made it more about being happy. Am I happy with what I see in the mirror? I can actually say that now I am. *POSITIVITY*

I received customized attention to my specific goals and needs. Coach Aly was always quick to respond if I had any questions about foods, my diet, workouts etc. She was always prompt with emails each week, and always followed up after each meeting we had. She made it a point to hold me accountable for my short-term goals- and praised me on progress throughout the program. TBB was an extremely positive experience.

I would highly recommend TBB to anyone who is trying to lose weight, tone up, find some positivity in their life, or even needs help with being held accountable. Coach Aly does it all!

Makayla, 3 Month Client

"Taking part in Aly’s Monthly Coaching Package was the best birthday gift that I could have given myself. Aly’s kind, gentle, patient, and insightful nature allowed me to dig deep and ask the tough questions around relationships, life goals, and creating my dream future. I am so grateful to Aly for being an incredible source of support and my spiritual cheerleader every step of the way. She has helped me bust through so many blocks and feel confident in living my best and most beautiful life! If you’ve been struggling, I highly recommend reaching out to Aly and allowing her to open you up to a miraculous experience!"

Courtney, Spirituality Client

"I absolutely loved working with Coach Aly! I was struggling with not eating enough due to being afraid of weight gain. She taught me that food is fuel and that it's all about fueling your body with the RIGHT foods. I now have a better understanding of how to properly fuel my body. I would definitely recommend Coach Aly if you are preparing for a pageant because she is SO knowledgeable, motivating, and she used to compete in pageants! I am so glad to have crossed paths with Coach Aly."

Jasmine, Miss USA Contestant

"My experience with Aly was nothing but loving! She was with me every step of the way as I entered my first pageant. She’s a special kind of coach! She wants the very best for you and encourages you to reflect on yourself as you embark on your unique journey. Whenever I needed her advice, she was always ready to send her support!

Aly gave me a new perspective on making healthy choices. The more I ate well, the more at peace I became because I knew it aligned with my life’s purpose. It’s not always easy, but her motivational reminders always kept me on track. She was a big sister, cheering me on the whole way!

I am proud to say that I WON "Best in Swimsuit" at Miss New York USA 2018, and I couldn’t have done it without Aly’s help!

If you believe it, you can achieve it, but with Aly it comes easier."

Eleanor Abraham, Miss NY USA "Best In Swimsuit" Winner

"I came to Coach Aly because I wanted to lose weight and change my eating habits. Over our time together, she not only helped me make healthier choices and become more regimented with my eating, but she helped me get my life in order! I was in a toxic relationship and in a job that was causing me to stress- eat, and with Aly I learned I was not giving myself the attention, care or love I now know I deserve. She helped me see blocks and my negative patterns and I made many changes in my life that have helped me to not only look and feel better, but to feel at peace with myself. I highly recommend working with Coach Aly if needing a push to break bad habits and create a healthy lifestyle of new ones."

Mikaela, 3 Month Client

"I signed up to work with Coach Aly for a 3 month package but it wasn't very long into our time working together that I knew I wanted to extend to 6 months. In the first month, I already felt different. My clothes were looser, I began to look at food and eating choices differently and something clicked inside that was different than any time I had tried dieting or losing weight before. For years I struggled to make healthy choices but no one could help target exactly what I needed the way Aly could. She just knew.

Coach Aly also knew when to be tough with me. She had a mix of gentleness and care, with Big Sister- like guidance. She keeps it real and doesn't sugar coat, which I really appreciate and needed these past months. While I am still on my journey to being at peace with a better me, I couldn't have come this far without Coach Aly's help! Aside from losing weight, I feel like I have a sister who has my back, who I can count on for great loving advice and support. Words can't describe how grateful I am for our genuine talks and sessions that got me to look at food and life in a whole new light."

Jessie, 6 Month Client

"First and foremost, Coach Aly has become far more than just a coach to me. She has become a friend, a confidant, an inspiration and a sister. I was a state finalist in the Miss New Jersey USA 2019 pageant competition and was looking to work with a coach who would see me through the entire process. After plowing through many “companies” and “groups” I came across Aly’s page and knew instantly she would be the coach for me. She was extremely punctual in getting back to me and expressed much excitement to work with me. My heart decided Aly would be the coach for me and we worked out a plan that fit my needs best. I started working with Aly about 3 months before the pageant and with a busy student and work schedule Aly was always accommodating and we always found time to meet or speak with me. 

Following our first meeting, Aly made me feel absolutely unstoppable. I was extremely nervous as I had modelled professionally for many years yet never entered the pageant world. Aly walked me through every step of the competition, from my absolutely stunning headshot courtesy of her endless list of references and network, my dress that made me feel like a Queen and my walk that, according to the other girls, looked like I had competed for years. She went over the layout of “pageant weekend” with me and when that weekend came, in what felt like a blink of an eye, I was extremely comfortable and ready to take it on head first.  

What made me fall in love with Aly, was her attention to my needs and wanting the best for me through the entire process. We set weekly goals, our meetings were focused, and I truly feel like a changed woman after working with her. My confidence in myself has grown, I have taken on a different view of the world and others and I genuinely could not have asked for a better experience. Aly’s compassion often brought me to tears as she always believed in me even when I was unsure and did not believe in myself. 

About a month before the pageant, Aly took the time out of her schedule to arrange an evening for us to get together and just relax and get to know each other. We saw the movie, A Star Is Born featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and besides it being an outstanding movie that brought both of us to tears, it was a nice reminder from Aly to keep me focused on my dreams and who I see myself to be in the future. 

Although I did not win Miss New Jersey USA 2019, I did win Best Interview and out of so many hundreds of women I am proud to have that accomplishment. Thank you again Coach Aly for your love, support, words of advice and warm heart. I forever appreciate you and our time working together." 

Alisa, Miss NJ USA Client

"Working with Aly shifted my 2018 and life vibes in a way that I never saw coming. I signed up to work with her to put together a weight loss and marathon training program, but it was apparent right from the getgo to both of us that there were deeper issues that had nothing to do with those topics that needed to be addressed. 

I've spent many thousands of dollars on fixing, coaches, training, meal plans, etc., but it wasn't until working with Aly that I was able to slow down and actually connect the dots between each learning that I had picked up along the way and yet why I still felt like there was something "wrong." As I shifted my focus away from weight loss and the training, I gained something much more important to me, a higher emotional awareness, faith in myself, overall sense of higher vibes, and seeing the universe meet me halfway on so many things. When things haven't been going the way I wanted, she taught me to discover for myself what the missing links often were. 

I loved so much about working with her, but I truly loved her sense of always knowing what I was going to need to talk about, her gentle yet no BS approach, and how the aim was never to create a dependency on her, but instead to help me learn that I truly do have all I need but that I have to up the faith in myself to access it. I feel so much more in a state of love, truth, authenticity, feminine, alignment, and flow. I have a new focus on prioritizing unconditional self love, listening and slowing down, and letting myself flow into achieving goals vs. having to warrior through. I'm now able to truly let myself live in awe and appreciation for my body and my story, whereas I've otherwise spent my entire life feeling like I just wasn't measuring up to anyone's (including my own) expectations. . . I can't thank you enough, Aly!" 

Health/Spirituality, 6 Month Client

"Working with Coach Aly will without a doubt be one of the biggest blessings of your life!!!!!

A little back story: about 4 years ago I was preparing to compete in my very first state Teen USA pageant and I was SEVERELY under-eating. I barely had enough energy to get through my classes everyday. Frantically searching online for help, I stumbled across Coach Aly’s blog and my life has never been the same since. If you come from a past of under-eating like I do, KNOW that it is a journey & a process. The work IS NOT easy but Coach Aly will be by your side 110% of way and she will be your biggest supporter!!

Fast forward to today, I am FINALLY being able to eat without fear and worry of weight-gain. My meals are sustaining me for everyday life + my workouts!! I am ENERGIZED and in a good mood for 99.9% of my day now! Please, if you’re struggling, do yourself a favor and work with Coach Aly! You will not regret it and investing in yourself is one of the best things that you can do.

Coach Al, when I say you’re the best, I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart!! Being able to FEEL the difference in my energy levels has been absolutely amazing! It feels so good to not constantly feel tired, sluggish, grumpy, etc!! (I think I’ve even become a nicer person because I’m not hungry all of the time!)"

Jasmine, Monthly On-Going Client

Coach Aly- The sweetest and most knowledgeable mentor!

Her weight loss program is engineered in a way that I hardly felt overwhelmed during this journey, especially with busy work days! The more I started investing my time in her plans, the more I started falling into the healthy lifestyle. She is truly an inspiration and a perfect mentor for the balanced life.

She is a good listener and it's definitely the way she customizes diet plans based on personal food choices and preferences is what makes her unique. I was nervous initially, as I am a vegetarian, but I never felt out of choices. I learned how to keep check on inner-self, making right choices in food and being more organized. Can’t wait to join you again Coach Aly - you are a true mentor!

Krati, 3 Month Client

I contacted Coach Aly to lose weight for my Wedding Day. What I got was so much more than that!

Coming into the program I always thought I ate healthy and knew what I was doing but just needed more accountability. Listening and trusting Aly's guidance, I started to quickly realize what I thought was healthy really wasn't and with some changes, I found myself reaching completely new goals and looking at myself and body in a new way.

While the initial focus was on may Wedding Day, Coach Aly helped me get ready for my engagement photoshoot and even helped me feel confident for my bachelorette party. We went shopping together and she encouraged me to try things I never felt I could wear, only to realize it was my fear holding me back. I had an amazing time and a large part of it was because of the confidence she gave me.

Throughout my time working with her it wasn't  just the weightloss (I lost 17 lbs in 3 months and still going!!) but looking at things from new perspectives, especially myself. Going through planning a stressful wedding, she was also a third-party friend who gave me advice outside of my family and bridesmaids that was really helpful. I always felt comfortable talking with her about work stressors and issues with the planning that came up along the way and always felt she had solutions (one's that were unbiased and needed!!!).

If you are looking for someone to not just help you lose weight and help you feel beautiful, but someone who is truly a Coach and Friend, I highly recommend working with Coach Aly! I know I will be back in the future when I need encouragement or a boost!!! The education and tips I needed were a game-changer for me but I especially appreciate her giving me "tools" to continue doing this work on my own now. Thank you Coach Aly!!!!

Katie, 3 Month Bridal Client

I recently worked with Coach Aly and she completely changed my mindset on health and wellness! I can’t say enough positive things about her!!

Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is a pleasure to talk to and gives excellent advice.  She gave me tips on what to eat and what not to eat, exercise routines, meditations and daily mantras.  She explained in detail what certain foods/drinks do to your body.  I worked with her for a month and she was with me every step of the way. If I had a question, I would email her and within hours she would respond with a lengthy and well thought out explanation/response. She helped me lose 8 pounds this month.

I look forward to creating a healthier me because she made me believe that I CAN do it!! Thanks Coach Aly!!!!

Kim G., Monthly Client

Hi, Beauty!

Email: Info@TheBalancedBeauty.com to learn how to give the gift of health this season. A Coaching Package is the perfect Holiday gift for someone you love.

Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly