What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Do you roll out of bed, go in the shower, brush your teeth…go through a monotonous routine without much thought?

Like most people, this is exactly what my typical morning routine used to look like. Actually, most days getting ready for work it was a rushed, scrambled version of this routine, which had me running out the door dangerously applying my make-up in the car (yes, I acknowledge this is a bad behavior… Don’t do it). That was until something clicked in me and I realized this was all wrong. This meaningless, tired, mundane routine was not adding any value to my life or accomplishing anything. This was a bed set-up and a waste of useful time, day after day. Once I acknowledged and became more aware of this, my attitude changed and my life changed.

There is not a single day I don’t wake up now and say THANK YOU. I acknowledge I have a bright new beautiful day that is ahead of me and I remind myself to make the most of it. Having this grateful attitude makes me feel alive, filled with purpose, happier and starts the day with positive, feel good energy that I can take with me wherever I go.  I am ready to take on whatever challenges come my way and am mentally focused to do my best in all situations. This feeling acts as a catalyst to put meaning and thought behind each and every action. I stop racing through different routines and use each moment to be present, mindful and prepared.

The Balanced Beauty, Aly Mang Health Coach

As this act became habitual, I slowly found myself more focused and clear in the morning. I suddenly was waking up earlier (not hitting snooze on my alarm clock 5 times) and with extra time to even make the bed. My room became neater. My closet more organized. My mind less “cluttered.” I suddenly had time to sit and write down a “to do” list…Not just listing items like “go to the grocery store to pick up dinner” or “grab the dry cleaning,” but goals I was working towards, “run 5 miles tonight,” or reminders to myself like, “what can you do for someone else today?“…My morning became a meeting I scheduled with myself to check-in and diagnose my thoughts and feelings. I would check myself on anything negative and I would address it. I would write it down or talk it out in my mind to make peace with it before starting my day. Release the bad or any negativity, leave it in the past, and be in the “now” to make the new day better than the last. Over time, I was happier and more productive.

As a Health Coach, I find the most important and effective way to feel your best is to take care of yourself each and every day, in every way. Your thoughts and feelings will dictate the choices you make, and like dominos each choice impacts everything from your relationships, to your productivity at work, to what you eat, if you make it to the gym, and how you feel about yourself. Starting your day with a thankful, grateful, positive outlook will ultimately lead to feeling your best, having confidence, and making healthier more mindful choices throughout the day.

It’s simple. Start each day saying THANK YOUAs things begin to change for the better, I promise you will be thankful you did!

During one-on-one sessions, I work with my clients on strategies or subtle changes to make the most of every day in the way that works best for them. Contact Info@TheBalancedbeauty.com to schedule a free phone consultation. Together, we can discuss the changes YOU want to make and determine which Health Coaching Program will be best for you to BE the BEST YOU.

The Balanced Beauty, Aly Mang Health Coach


  • Say THANK YOU!
  • Be GRATEFUL for the new day, filled with new opportunities, challenges and people to meet!
  • Yesterday is OVER. Leave the day in the past and live in the NOW.
  • Pump up your morning with feel-good music (Go for it-Belt that song in the shower or on your drive into the office)
  • Write a “to do” list to help stay organized and accomplish your goals for the day
  • Make your bed! Dr. Oz once said, “The state of your bed is the state of your head” I love this quote because it is SO true! Making your bed helps you feel more organized and what’s better than coming home to a nice, comfy set of sheets to snuggle up into after a long day?
  • Get your sweat on! Many studies show that people who exercise regularly benefit with a positive boost in mood and lower rates in depression. Your body releases chemicals, called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body (similar to that of morphine) and can diminish any perception of pain in your brain. Physical activity in the morning will boost your mood, energy, and ignite your metabolism for the rest of the day!
  • GOOD VIBES ONLY!…Positive will attract more positive into your life. Smile and make the most of your day. This attitude will be contagious. Share your light!


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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly