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CORONA CARE- #MondayMindset & #HealingVibes

Hi Beauties!

It has been a while since I have written a personal note or Blog on here…

For starters, I hope you and your families are all safe, staying isolated and doing ok.

As I write this Blog, I keep writing and deleting my words because I truly don’t even know what to say.

What words of comfort can I provide? …How can I be there for my community? ….How can I guide you to make healthy choices and feel peace of mind during this chaotic time?….

My heart feels heavy because while I know GOOD CAN AND WILL come out of this time, I also feel the heaviness of what is taking place. I feel so deeply for those who have lost loved ones, who are sick, losing their jobs and living in fear of uncertainty and not knowing the future.

While I can very much relate to all of these fears of the unknown– I also have something within me that says:

“NO– We cannot choose fear, consume it on a regular basis and allow it to dictate our choices.”

Empower yourself in this time of isolation to be productive– Set goals and create a plan to get on the RIGHT PATH, backed by mindful thoughts and actions.


We MUST look at what’s happening, take responsibility, and make healthy positive changes INDIVIDUALLY to drive forward positive solutions COLLECTIVELY.

Whenever I face a challenge or something difficult, I always look at the end result I would like to achieve and work backwards. I first and foremost, imagine IT IS POSSIBLE to have what I want– I see it, visualize it, believe in it– And then I work backwards to map out the realistic action-plan to get to that goal from where I currently am.

What do you want to come out of this time?…. Health? Peace of Mind? Security?

As difficult as it can be, think of the “Corona Isolation Period” as a GIFT!

When else in your life are you FORCED to cut-off most (if not all) contact with the outside world, isolate and actually have TIME to think, make a plan and take action around things maybe you weren’t able to before? I urge you to create this plan for yourself NOW.


Review your current routines, relationships, work, and ask yourself: 
Does this serve me? Does this serve my highest good? Does this feel right in my heart?

Go even further and ask:

Are you living up to your potential? Being your best self? … Are you fulfilled? At peace?… If the answer is no, GO THERE– use this time to ask WHY? What is holding you back? Blocking you? What can you change or do differently to map our where you wish to be?….


I encourage you to do this self-reflection work NOW because it is an ideal time to REVIEW and hit RE-SET.

As you implement positive thought processes and changes, they will ripple outward, having a positive effect on family members, and the community around you. We ALL play a part in a bigger plan and design, where we truly are linked as ONE COLLECTIVE.

While this time can be scary and unpredictable, I hope you can change your perspective and also see it is as a period filled with NEW POSSIBILITIES and OPPORTUNITIES, to grow and change for the better.


My final sentiment is to look at this period as a major call to FAITH….Not knowing is a blessing. It allows you to feel supported and protected by something bigger than you; And when you surrender to that, you align with an energy of LOVE– Love creates miracles. Love conquers all. Love is always the answer. Choose it and live by it, and I promise- you will be OK….you will get through this, and you will be stronger and better for living through the challenges.

Should you need guidance, support or motivation, I am at your service– a phone call or email away. Feel free to reach out during this time. I am here to support you to conquer those fears, goals and come out of this better than ever.

Sending Love,

Coach Aly


Writing, journaling, meditating, bucket-lists, conversations with a coach or friend– All help to release and heal.

Tomorrow, 3/24, is a NEW MOON- The perfect time to set NEW intentions, projects, goals and begin again. YOU GOT THIS- IT’S TIME!

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Hi, Beauty!

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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly