My Journey; A personal piece in honor of Mother’s Day.

I remember first learning about life cycles in Kindergarten. We learned that everything on this earth has stages; the seasons, volcanoes, thunderstorms…even insects, animals, and people evolve over time.

We first applied this lesson when learning about metamorphosis, specifically through the lifecycle of a butterfly. Starting out as a tiny, fuzzy caterpillar it would eventually transform into this beautiful, free flying angelic creature. I fell in love with the idea of evolving and transformation.

Sadly, we were told most adult butterflies live only one or two weeks. It bothered me that this butterfly would go through so many stages and work so hard to come into existence just to live for this short time. 
Around the same time, my mother passed away from beast cancer. I was only four years old but I made the correlation, even at this young age, that she was like a butterfly. She too went through stages of life and while my time with her was short it was beautiful, transformational and symbolic.
Over the years, I have spread my own wings but during the most difficult times… times when I am searching for answers or need reassurance that I am on the right path, I always see a butterfly.
Judy,  an angel looking out for and
smiling down on all Balanced Beauties
After the undeniable realization that this was more than “coincidence,” a butterfly has become a very special sign and symbol, representing my relationship with my mother and her never-ending presence in my life. Butterflies also serve as a gentle reminder that we are all in transition, evolving every single day based on the choices that we make.
Of all the lessons I have learned from her life, death and spirit the most important one is to live every single day to the fullest, appreciate life, and know our time here is precious and should never be taken for granted. We cannot keep saying “tomorrow” or push off our dreams into the future…There is no guarantee that day will come.

We also cannot take people for granted or not respect, value and invest in each and every relationship. She has taught me to live in the “NOW” and be the best I can be every moment, with every person I meet. It’s not always easy…but the difficult relationships are often the ones with the opportunity for the most soul growth and can unveil greater truths about what we must learn to become better people in this lifetime.

A very special, happy and memorable moment
with my mom, Mary Ann
I have also come to learn people come in and out of our lives for very specific reasons. While I know I would not be the woman I am today without my mother and my relationship with her, my father re-married and my mom with me today is undoubtedly the amazing woman meant to raise me and teach me other important life lessons. I am blessed and grateful for both relationships; each one special and sacred in their own way. 
Relationships are assignments made by a loving universe, giving everyone involved the opportunity for soul growth.”- A Course in Miracles
Lastly, I know death is just as beautiful as life. It is not an end but a step in our journey. Many people question an after-life but I know for sure there is one. I can say it with confidence and without hesitation. I personally find people make death a heavy topic and something difficult to discuss, but I believe talking or thinking about death is just as important as living!

I am not trying to be morbid here, but if someone told you that you were going to die in five days- don’t you think you make each one of those days phenomenal?!?… Not just eat but savor all your favorite foods, be kind to everyone you see, do everything you want to do, be grateful for every second, make the absolute most out of your time each of those days?…

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There are no guarantees in life, so why not live like this every day? I believe if you started living with this mentality you would be less stressed and a happier, kinder person. You would be more mindful with each choice and would appreciate the little things.  Every day would present itself as a gift; a new opportunity to embrace and experience everything this amazing world has to offer. You would look at your five days with energy, appreciation, love, and excitement…You would notice the sacredness of each relationship in your life, the beauty of nature around you, and you would try and leave a good last impression with others; your own unique fingerprint. When it was your time to “go,” you would be at peace because you did everything you wanted to do and said the things you needed to say….In five days, you would do it all.
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The logo for The Balanced Beauty is a butterfly. This was to honor my mother and her help in guiding my journey, leading to the launch of my business. It is also the perfect symbol to represent the transformation we all go through, as we strive to make healthy choices and be our own version of the perfect, “Balanced Beauty.”
As you continue to follow The Balanced Beauty posts, just know the mission is to inspire you to prioritize your health and make positive, healthy decisions every single day. Each post comes from a loving energy focused on helping you feel your best. I hope to inspire you to make healthy, mindful choices in your life, so you can spread your wings, be the best you can be, and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST at all times…our one true purpose!
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(I know…monkey ears. At least I grew into them)
To all the mothers…
Happy Mother’s Day!
I believe all mother’s are angels. They protect us, guide us, teach us, and love us unconditionally. Living or deceased- Birthed or adopted- Mothers are always with us… They never leave us because we are always connected. From womb to tomb. Soul to soul. Heart to heart… A special relationship birthed from a very special kind of love.
The Balanced Beauty LLC. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2014.
Dedicated to my mother, Judy, a guiding light and inspiration for making healthy choices and living every day to the fullest, with an open heart.
-Coach, Aly Mang
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