My GREATEST Health Discovery!

Imagine trying to eat an entire fridge worth of veggies in a single day! Who has the time? Money?…Taste buds? 

Like many of you, I wanted to boost my energy levels, immunity, clear up my skin, detox my system, get lean and healthy! It was important for me to do this in a way that was safe, all natural, efficient and agreeable with my sensitive stomach and gluten energy.

I was working in the fast-paced Financial Industry at the time, had little flexibility during the day to get up from my desk and I often worked long hours… Sure I had my health goals, but most days, the emails, meetings and client calls were so intense, it was difficult to eat a decent meal or snacks through the day to keep myself properly fueled. It was even more difficult to keep from stress-eating late night or on the weekends when I finally did have time to unwind.

On the mornings or evenings I made it to the gym, I would read health and fitness magazines to get motivated and inspired. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the models and celebrities giving their “oh-so-attainable” health advice, because lets face it….Us every day gals have desk jobs, client lunches, meetings, run after toddlers, and don’t have personal assistants, make up artists, or chefs making all our meals, running our errands, or thinking for us“Choosing healthy” all day, everyday, can be very difficult.I tried to be proactive and plan ahead-
I brought lunch to work, stashed health snacks in my desk, always had a water bottle on hand, and even put a timer on my calendar to remind myself to get up from my desk to take a quick walk or stretch when I could!

…As I continued to take on additional responsibilities, my days got even more challenging. A “healthy routine” became even more difficult to maintain.

Similar to the market’s gains and losses…my weight started to fluctuate. One week I would lose weight from not eating enough but then would gain it back (and then some) when getting back into a normal routine. My body was getting into an unhealthy, yo-yo pattern.

The inconsistency and imbalance from week to week was draining my energy and adding to my stress, making it very difficult for me to keep plans with friends after work or make it to the gym….I could feel myself aging and my health deteriorating.

I was not happy. I was not myself and I was hitting a personal rock-bottom. I knew then, I needed to take control!

I started to get even more organized with my schedule to make time for workouts and meal prep. I consulted with doctors, personal trainers, did research and ultimately discovered Athletic Greens.

1 scoop of this superfood cocktail mixed with water in the morning and all of my micronutrient needs were met for the day. It felt great to know that even if I didn’t get to my salad at lunch or able to eat perfectly throughout the day, I was still getting whole-food sourced nutrition into my diet that would ultimately help me achieve my goals and provide me with the much-needed, healthy “boost” I was lacking. 

Athletic Greens, taken consistently each morning, coupled with a renewed emphasis on BALANCE, and I was a new gal!….

Fast forward a few years later, and boom: The launch of, THE BALANCED BEAUTY! 

I developed, “The Balanced Beauty” from my personal life experience, seeing first-hand the struggles women face when trying to look and feel their best, with the realities and pressures of their daily grind.

My philosophy: Health is EVERYTHING!

It is my mission to educate, motivate and inspire others to invest in their health, so they can feel beautiful, confident, healthy and happy! When we feel our best, we do our best!…And can ultimately thrive to become positive forces to make a difference in this world!, Athletic Greens

There were many catalysts when it came to taking the leap from Finance to a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach but Athletic Greens was definitely a part of the journey! That is why I am extremely excited to tell my clients and followers about my personal experience with their products!

I have taken the Athletic Greens “superfood cocktail for years. I credit this formula for helping me get in shape, maintain my weight, boost my immunity, overall health and even serve as the perfect, light morning formula for my ING NYC Marathon Training runs! I have no doubt it kept me healthy throughout those grueling months of training!

Easy to take. Efficient. An investment in your health.

The Balanced Beauty, Private Holistic Health Coaching Aly Mang

Athletic Greens is packed full of micronutrients, Super Foods, and extracts designed to ensure that nutrient deficiencies never happen. The result = much more energy, better immunity, faster weight loss, recovery from workouts and an overall BOOST!

What Exactly is it? 
Athletic Greens is a whole food approach to covering your nutritional bases. Athletic Greens is made up of 75 natural food-sourced ingredients, that include: Raw Greens, Herbs, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Co-factors, and Vitamins & Minerals.
It delivers food sourced nutrition in natural food ratios, the way nature intended. All of this in one delicious, sweet tasting spoon size serving, making it easy to avoid nutrient deficiencies and optimize total body health. 
Most importantly, I feel safe taking this product because it is made without compromise. It does NOT include: Synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind, no GMO’s, herbicides or pesticides, no wheat, dairy, gluten. Corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, egg, yeast, or peanuts…and NO animal products.
In addition to feeling energized and awesome….Below are my:, Athletic Greens
1. Easy Way Getting More Micronutrients and Antioxidants
Let’s face it. Life can get busy. Getting all of the micronutrients your body demands can be difficult to do consistently, everyday!What’s awesome about Athletic Greens is that is covers all of your micronutrient needs in one serving. Athletic Greens is sourced from plants, fruits, herbs and mushrooms in their natural form, it is whole food sourced, in whole food ratios.

Each serving provides the antioxidant equivalent of between 10 – 12 servings of fruit and vegetables (ORAC 5000): A nutrient dense punch from real food, the way nature intended.

2. Works On Your Gut Health
Why would you bother eating all the raw foods you can if your gut health isn’t on track (aka proper nutrient absorption is taking place)? It’s much like putting a premium grade gasoline in your car when you have a bad engine. Great gut health means you’re absorbing the proper amounts of nutrients from the foods you put in your body (your premium fuel).

One of the main reasons why I like Athletic Greens is that contains a plethora of digestive enzymes and probiotics (7 billion per serving) that have helped me improve my absorption of micronutrients that come in Athletic Greens, as well as from the foods that I normally eat. It has also improved my digestion – Athletic Greens contains prebiotics and probiotics that all work together to improve your digestion and gastrointestinal function. Happy gut = happy me!
3. Nutrient DENSE Ingredients
Modern farming methods are stripping much of the nutrients out of the “health foods” we eat, which in turn is making our bodies more prone to having a chronic deficiency of one or many nutrients. Most of these deficiencies go unchecked for years, if not forever. With 40% of the USA population clinically deficient in Vitamin B12, this is a silent epidemic. Many chronic diseases have been linked to a nutrient deficiency in the body. The solution is in restoring your body’s basic levels of key micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and co-factors) by eating nutrient dense whole foods.
If you want to fortify your body, health and immunity I strongly suggest checking out Athletic Greens and giving it a try… They have a 60 day no questions asked, money back guarantee, making it a simple no brainer!


The Balanced Beauty LLC, Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang

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Athletic Greens with the bonus Vitamin D3 supplement will drastically improve your health and give your batteries a super charge!
This product has been MY GREATEST HEALTH DISCOVERY, for every day optimal health and I am excited to share it with YOU! 
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