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Yesterday was a REALLY exciting day to have The Balanced Beauty featured by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition! On their account, I was able to share some of my favorite Balanced Beauty healthy tips, recommendations, and recipes. Limiting the content to just seven posts was difficult, because there are so many more tips and topics I would LOVE to share with the audience!

Thank you to those who followed along… I hope you enjoyed! For those of you are not on Instagram or who may have missed the tips, below is a summary. Tips all intend to help you live a healthy, holistic, balanced lifestyle!

The world NEEDS Health Coaches! 

  • Did you know less than 3% of doctors visits are spend discussing nutrition!
  • 67% of Americans are obese
  • 70% of deaths are caused by chronic illness each year
  • 1 in 3 adults worldwide have high blood pressure
  • $2.3 TRILLION is spent in HEALTHCARE, yet only 2% goes towards prevention!

Please feel free to reach out any time with questions or to just to drop me a note to say hi and tell me topics you would like to see more of!!!

Nutrition, Recipes, Fitness, Relationships, Beauty, Spirituality…
I am excited to share content on anything you want to see more of! It is my mission to help YOU live a happy, healthier life.

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Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
Post 1: Balanced Beauty!
Hi all! I’m Aly Mang, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Founder/Owner of The Balanced Beauty LLC. I created The Balanced Beauty to empower, encourage and inspire women everywhere to CHOOSE HEALTHY and shine from the inside out! My philosophy is you only get one body in life, so you need to take care of it in the best possible way! I practice and teach my clients about holistic healthcare, because I believe when nutrition, physical activity, relationships and spirituality are all in BALANCE, we achieve ultimate health, happiness, and harmony in our lives. You can follow me @1BalancedBeauty, check out my website and Blog & Like There you will find colorful, cheerful, inspirational posts, with the sole intention to make you feel fabulous! I am excited and honored to be “taking over” the #IIN account today, and look forward to sharing some of my favorite #BalancedBeauty health tips, recommendations and recipes!!! I LOVE this community and am thrilled to introduce myself to you all… Please stop by my IG and say hi! @1BalancedBeauty
Coach Aly Mang, Green Smoothie Recipe: Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
Post 2: Eat your veggies!
GREENS are essential for weight loss, beautiful skin, a clean system, and for overall health…But, not everyone loves eating a plate of spinach or broccoli everyday. That is why I highly recommend investing in a NutriBullet, Blender, or Vitamix—Shakes and smoothies are the most effective way to get those greens into your diet in an easy, delicious way. One of my favorite Balanced Beauty Recipes: Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Parsley, Ginger, Dandelion Root, Lemon, Green Apple, Almond Milk, Chia & Flax Seeds (add blueberries or ½ banana for extra sweetness if needed).  This is LOADED with vitamins, minerals, will help reduce bloat, hydrate, cleanse, and aid digestion. It has a fresh, crisp, clean taste you can FEEL!  
Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
Post 3: Holistic Lifestyle
I love Geodes! They are not just beautiful art pieces I use to decorate my home, but amazing tools I incorporate into my healthy, holistic living environment. This Geode is a gift I just received, called an “Atacamite Chrysocolla” from La Farola Mine in Chile! Known as the “wise stone” in ancient Egypt, it is metaphysically known for calming one from fear, anger, stress or tension due to its gentle nature and soothing qualities. It encourages clarity of the mind so that one can find their inner strength and release any emotional pain that has been lingering from within. A great tool for removing unwanted blocks so that one can become more confident and self-motivated. I put this by my bed at night to help release any stress or tension from the day and to help wake up feeling refreshed and at peace. I recommend making YOUR HOME a sanctuary and safe haven, filled with objects, art or earthy elements that bring YOU happiness, peace and joy. Geodes, candles, photographs, or even mini sculptures of the Buddah are helpful ways to find your center, aid meditation or allow you to easily unwind and tap into your best self each day. Always find ways to surround yourself with LOVE! 
Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
My #1 tip for clients and followers is to EAT FROM THE EARTH! If it comes from a box, package or is man-made, the likelihood is it should not be in your diet. I often start with my clients by analyzing what is in their kitchen. I then provide product and recipe recommendations to give them the same flavors and tastes they love and crave, only using healthier ingredients that will not sacrifice their waistline or long-term health. While eliminating toxic foods, chemicals, and processed ingredients, we incorporate TONS of new healthy options (aka: “Crowding Out’ that plate)! I always recommend foods that are easy to make, take on the go, and act as clean FUEL for the body. One of my favorite healthy snacks: Veggies in a rice paper wrapper- GlutenFree, portable, light and delicious! 
Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
Post 5: Curried Cauliflower Salad Recipe
Since “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT,” I always try to make sure my plates are colorful, vibrant and beautiful… Beauty on the outside starts within! Here is one of my FAVORITE, simple, recipes that will beautify any table, and fuel you with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and feel-good energy to beautify YOU! Balanced Beauty Curried-Cauliflower & Pomegranate Salad: INGREDIENTS: 4 cups cauliflower (cut into florets), 1 tbsp garlic, 2 tbsp cocnut oil, 1 tbsp curry powder, kosher salt, black pepper, 1 tsp. agave or maple syrup (for touch of sweetness if desired) ¾ cup pomegranate seeds (or cranberries) STEPS: 1. Set oven to 375 degrees 2. Line baking sheet with foil 3. On top of foil, mix cauliflower with all ingredients, except for pomegranate seeds and parsley (will be used as garnish later) 4. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until cauliflower is golden 5. Allow to cool 6. Serve warm or chill in refrigerator to serve cold. 7. When serving, sprinkle pomegranate (or cranberries) for beautiful color and parsley for perfect seasoning! 
Aly Mang,Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
Post 6: Balance. Choices. Morning Pages.
Duality exists in all of us. Choices we make determine our path. BALANCE is the peace!… I believe we are all energy forces. We transmit “vibes” that others can literally pick up on and feel. I want to make sure when I meet with my clients or set out each day, I am open, loving, clear and positive. To get to this place, I start each day with, “Morning Pages.” What started out as simply writing goals for the day, transformed into a personal “data-dump” and free-flowing conversation I have with myself; A time to check-in and self diagnose what I am thinking and how I am feeling. All I do is mindlessly write 3 pages. Whatever is on my mind, I am holding onto, feeling, or thinking about, I just write. I recommend this exercise, as a helpful tool to get organized and to especially release anything toxic…Thoughts, feelings and emotions can be triggers for emotional or stress eating, and are what others pick up on when you walk into a room. Writing is a great way to turn inward and make peace with yourself, so you can put your best foot forward at all times. I use my morning writing as a way to reflect, release and effectively flip any negative to positive. If I am feeling funky, I just start listing things I am grateful for. A grateful, open, loving heart is the healthiest start and best foundation for any day! Start with pen and paper (or get a cool journal you feel motivated to write in) and see where the journey takes you. I have been completing this exercise for 4 years and I credit it as the main source for turning my dreams and goals into a reality! (Fun doppelganger image, displaying the battle and balance of ‘light and dark” sides). 
Private Holistic Health Coaching by Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC
Post 7: Sweet Treat- Happy Valentines!
Thanks so much for following me for the #IINTakeover today! It has been AWESOME sharing Balanced Beauty tips, recipes, and lifestyle recommendations with all of you….For my last post of the day, I leave you with something SWEET! Photographed here is my favorite healthy treat to make, which is a PERFECT recipe for Valentine’s Day: Carob-Dipped Clementines. Why carob? Carob is a great substitute for regular chocolate since it is caffeine-free.  Yes, there are many antioxidants and benefits to dark chocolate, but if you are someone who wants to avoid the jitters or possible headache that caffeine can bring on, this is a great alternative and delicious option! Look for carob chips and substitute for any chocolate recipes. THANKS AGAIN IIN! Stop by @1BalancedBeauty to say hi!

Hope you enjoyed this summary of healthy tips! Wishing you a lot of LOVE on Valentine’s Day– Remember to treat yourself!!!

Self love is an IMPORTANT part of living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Coach Aly

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