Your greatest power.

There was a time when I thought everything I wanted in life was “IMPOSSIBLE.”

I didn’t believe what I wanted to achieve would ever be within reach. I was constantly feeling let down and stuck. That was until one day everything changed… I realized one simple thing: I CHOOSE.

I began to realize, I was getting in the way of my own way of success. After all, who said what I wanted was impossible other than the voice in my head?

Aly Mang“Hi, I am the voice in your head. I think you suck. You’re not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not strong enough. Not healthy enough…Oh, and your dreams are stupid. How could you everrrrrr succeed?! ”

“Voice, STOP!!!… Why do you keep telling me I am not good enough? My dreams are not possible? Valid? That I will never succeed? Why are you so cruel?? WAIT!…WHY am I talking to you?! Why am I engaging with someone who makes me feel so low? Consider this a break-up voice!!! Be gone!!!”

The moment I lifted the internal dialogue of fear, doubt, insecurity, and took action towards my goals with belief and confidence, magic happened…. I changed IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE, CANNOT to CAN and began to re-think and re-shape the world around me.

It is possible to re-program your brain. To remove every negative thought and limiting belief and replace it with a positive outlook. When you hear that negative voice, say to yourself, “I choose to not engage.” You then take every negative thought that enters and change it to a positive. “I am smart. I am gorgeous. I am strong. I am healthy. I am confident. I am going to succeed.”

When you do this, you re-inform every cell of your body of what you are! You begin to attract all of the things meant for you. You leave the stress, doubts, and self-sabotage behind.

It can be very difficult for many of us to take the first step towards a dream or goal. It can be even more difficult to follow-through until completion, but the first thing you can do, is simply recognize: YOU CHOOSE. YOU have the power to take action. YOU have the full control to change the way you think about things and control the flow of events around you.


You cannot control things from happening in life… But you can control how you react, how you think, how you feel and how you proceed.

The Balanced Beauty is founded on the principle that you set into existence all of the things you want for yourself. As your Health Coach (aka: personal cheerleader) I help guide and facilitate the roadmap necessary for you to get out of your own way, and achieve your own personal success!

For some clients, the goal is weight-loss; for others it’s a Miss USA title; a glowing Wedding Day, better meal planning or curing an ailment…

SunflowerWherever you are in life and whatever your personal goals are, I urge you to take control of your MIND. It is the most powerful tool in the creation of your life and is a first step you can take at any time!!!

  1. Write a list of things you want to do (or would love to have/ achieve- don’t be afraid to really stretch your imagination. ANYTHING is possible once you believe it is)
  2. Write a list of all things you are grateful for… And I am talking about EVERYTHING– Breathing, fingers, the sky…Once you realize all of the little things you may be taking for granted, you will suddenly realize the abundance of things around and supporting you at all times. Essentially, stop and smell the roses!!! The world will look totally different once you realize how much good there is around you, every day.
  3. Like attracts like. This is a law of the universe. As you list your goals and open your heart generating feel-good energies, I guarantee you will create a shift for yourself. You will attract all that is meant for you. New friends, mentors and opportunities will enter your life and help lead the way…STAY OPEN!


How this pertains to RELATIONSHIPS:
When you start to re-write your story and feel confident in yourself, this is when you also attract the right people into your life. In the spirit of ‘like attracts like,’ know your soul-mate, ideal friendship or great working environment will begin to unfold around you once you are happy and secure with yourself.

Lastly, try to never expect anything from anyone…especially for someone to “complete” you (that famous Jerry Maguire quote “you complete me” is so not’s obvious why he had his relationship issues). You should BE COMPLETE with who you are!!! When you connect with others this way, you create a balance and value-added relationship, based on mutual respect and admiration. Complete people can be completely there for one another.


Are you happy with people that surround you? With your current state or life circumstances? If not, take ownership and know your choices are likely dictating your space. Use the 3 steps above to change your perspective, come from a loving, positive point of view and shift your energy towards an ideal future state.

Check out my site, specifically TESTIMONIALS. I am so proud of each and every client who set a goal and achieved it…And to many who even exceeded their own expectations!




“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu.




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This blog is dedicated to my Grandmother, one of the the most positive and loving forces in my life. She recently passed away at 90 years young, and her greatest lesson: POSITIVITY IS KEY TO EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE!

Her favorite book: “The Power Of Positive Thinking” By: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Published: 1952)

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