Mindfulness Meditation

December 13, 2016

“Your voice feels so soothing and safe. I felt 100% safe to let go. Felt trust.

I instantly woke up in crystal blue waters. I was completely paralyzed but floating on soft waters. I felt many hands lightly keeping me at the surface of the water and I was drifting in a huge circle. Just looping the circle again and again very slowly. The sun was so bright, but I didn’t feel its heat for some odd reason. I was also able to stare at it with no irritation. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I felt completely alone physically but felt the presence of hands holding me. It was keeping me afloat and also giving me shockwaves throughout my body.

It was such a relaxing experience. All of my senses were feeling everything in an enhanced way. I just felt paralyzed. I couldn’t move an inch. I was 100% happy.”

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