Alex, Marathon Client

December 10, 2015

(26.3 miles, 4 hr 20 min time+ Toning/Fat loss/Weight loss):

“As long as I can remember I have been an athlete and in great shape but over the last 3 years I have become a serious painter. Working out started to make my hand shake when I paint, so I had to slow down. I was awarded the opportunity to have my art displayed on the finisher medals for the Miami Marathon. I have never been a long distance runner (mostly very fast short burst as you would in sports) but I make it a point to set goals and achieve them and decided if I was ever going to run in a race it would be this one…and yes the full one.

I reached out to Aly and began my training. It has been tough since I haven’t ran in a while but thanks to Aly and my weekly training schedule it has been smooth sailing on what to do and all things to focus on when running. She has been so informative with all my questions and very easy to reach. Since I have began my training, I have had a few injuries like pain in my foot and now my calf acting up…Of course each time I panic but Aly has the answers and puts me at ease with solutions and tips. Within the first four weeks of training I was down 8 pounds and completing 7 mile runs with ease. The foot pain is now gone and I am focusing on building both mental and physical endurance to take on this massive goal!

I will be the first person to design the finisher medal for the Marathon and actually run it! This is what is keeping me fighting every day to achieve this goal for both myself and my fans!”

After the race:

“Coach Aly was always there for me at any time to answer my questions and was super fun and energetic!!! She trained me through a cellphone and Email, which was amazing!!! Every week she was right on-time with my Email sending weekly tips, tricks and motivation. She was super supportive and got me all pumped-up every time we spoke!

I would recommend working with Coach Aly if thinking about running a marathon because this was definitely what got me ready for the race… There are just too many factors that play in the long run of 26.2 to just do it on your own. I was not a runner and I went from not running to completing a 26.2 mile run!”

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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly