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Relationships: Break-ups & Break-downs

A Balanced Beauty Guide to navigating relationships in quarantine and beyond…

With all the craziness of COVID, Quarantine and our recent SUPER MOON in Scorpio, I am finding many clients and friends I am speaking with lately are feeling heavy emotions and are having difficulty with their relationships

Some are going through a break-up, some are alone, isolated and wishing they had someone to share this time with and some are at constant war with family members, co-workers and finding it difficult to remain sane.

Relationships are a major component of your health, and often dictate the choices you make in every area of your life. Below are some Balanced Beauty Tips on how you can cope and change perspectives around how you view and treat your relationships, especially as our lifestyles go through a major transformation overhaul during this time.

Each person in your life is a mirror.

What you see in them is a reflection of you.

If you see beauty, intelligence, and grace – know these are qualities you possess.
If you see jealousy, anger, hate- know these are qualities you also possess.

Whatever is shown to you-
Whatever you see-
Rather than judge or project onto the other person, it’s a call for you to go inward… to heal a part of yourself.

For Example:

  • If someone lies to you, instead of being angry at them- Ask yourself: What part of you is lying to yourself?
  • If someone betrays you, instead of holding onto that- Ask yourself: How are you betraying yourself?
  • If someone leaves you- Ask yourself: Do I have a fear of abandonment? Do I reject love?
  • If you feel wronged by someone- Ask yourself: What is this showing me? What is at the root of this that I really need to look into and recognize in myself?

Balanced Beauty Thoughts:

  • What you think, you create.
  • What you believe becomes the truth in the world around you.
  • In the end, it’s always a call to ask yourself– What part of you needs more love? care? respect?
  • Understand that what you give out (even subconsciously) you will get back.
  • If you have a lack-of-love in your self, this will be expressed and shown to you through someone– This is really only to give you the opportunity to wake-up and better learn your truth to make choices for your highest good.
  • The people closest to you will most often be your greatest teachers. Always show compassion, love and forgiveness, especially towards these “teachers” as they are going through their own learning, coping and self-discovery.
  • We are all at different levels of understanding on our journey. Not everyone is as “aware” or “awake” so it’s important to not judge another, for you never know what “programs” or “learnings” or karmic cycles and behaviors they are experiencing. We can only meet someone at their own level of awareness and understanding. Try not to be harsh or judge. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • If you are at the receiving end of toxic behavior or are in a toxic relationship, know when it is time to stand up for yourself, speak up, set boundaries or when to cut the chord and walk away- But do so with love and thanks because believe it or not, our most toxic and challenging relationships are the ones that can bring out our best. These relationships often test our most divine qualities of: forgiveness, understanding, compassion, empathy, and unconditional love….
  • And most of all, these relationships test our own self worth- “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

When you get into an argument, challenging experience or bump in a relationship- it’s because something is being brought into your awareness because you’re ready to learn- you are ready to face something to grow.

The lesson is being brought to you for a reason- for your souls greater good…And to heal something within your relationship, to take it to a new and deeper stage.

No matter how difficult it may be to go through— it’s part of a greater plan for you and the more you can step back from it, be mindful and remember who you are and the bigger picture, the easier it will be to heal and move forward.

The key is to understand that we are on an individual journey; Relationships come into our life to not just share time together but to show us things to help us grow.

Know in every relationship there is always a BALANCE. Everyone and everything in life has both sides — it’s up to YOU to learn from the “bad” and change it to good.

You can break through the bad using love and forgiveness — And if you do, you will always find an even deeper connection, not just to the other person but to yourself; And that is truly why you are here! To evolve…

You are here to help heal soul wounds and the behaviors and karmic cycles that exist within you. The people around you are really just the mirrors to help you breakthrough, and be the best you can be. Highs, lows, ups, downs- have gratitude for these mirrors and lessons… If you choose to see it this way, you will progress on this journey of life much quicker and find your ultimate peace and self love.

Choose love.
Choose forgiveness.
Choose to make the most of every day by seeing only the good in everything and everyone – because it’s always there. It just depends on how YOU LOOK INTO THAT MIRROR.

Be love and see love in yourself and it will always be reflected back in your life.


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