Fruit as Medicine

Citrus Fruits

The food you eat has a direct correlation to your health and your genes!

In his book, Journey Into Healing, Deepak Chopra writes:

“The body is not a frozen sculpture.

It is a river of information-

A flowing organism empowered

By millions of years of intelligence.

Every second of our existence

We are creating a new body.”

How you eat tells your genes what type of body you want to have now, and later. Choices you are making can either prevent cancer and other chronic illnesses or help cause them.

“FOOD is the original and best medicine!”

Citrus Salad

Greens, Pistachios/ Nuts and Citrus make for an excellent BALANCED option!

Diets rich in fruit and vegetables provide your body with disease-fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory protective compounds, which are keys to preventing cancer, heart disease and chronic pain. Another major benefit of consuming fruit and veggies is it will fill you up, and helps you to avoid filling up on processed or fattening foods… FRESH FOODS FROM THE EARTH ARE ALWAYS BEST!

During the winter, many of us grow more susceptible to colds and flu. To prevent this, I always ensure my diet is super-supported with an abundance of leafy greens, veggies and fruit, with my favorite being: CITRUS FRUITS & KIWI!

Many think of of eating fruits, especially citrus, in the summer but they are among the highest concentrations of Vitamin C, which is very effective in eliminating all cold and flu symptoms. Below is a list of fruits you should be incorporating into your Balanced Beauty routine this winter-season, to keep your immune system strong!

Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons and Limes all are rich in Vitamin C and contain several important phytonutrients:

Grapefruit: Especially its seed extract (can purchase capsules or drops), is a powerful natural antibiotic. If you feel a cold coming on, blend one peeled grapefruit in a juice with water, drink the liquid and feel it work in minutes! You can also buy grapefruit extract and mix a few drops in water or a glass of juice.

Citrus Fruit Salad

Slice and combine for a REFRESHING Citrus Salad!

Oranges: Contain a higher level of Vitamin C in any other fruit, except kiwi. It is best to buy organic oranges. If you buy a regular orange, that was picked green, you may find that drinking its juice causes joint pain or arthritis-like symptoms. This is because the citric acid in the orange has not had enough time to convert to fructose sugar, therefore contains very little Vitamin C. Also, non-organic oranges are sprayed with red dye and then waxed to look fresher and to prolong shelf life. These oranges may also be sprayed with fungicides…So with oranges, ALWAYS GO ORGANIC!

Lemons/Limes: Excellent blood purifier and liver stimulant. If you are feeling sluggish/tired, have some lemons in your water. It provides a boost and natural energy. I recommend drinking through a straw, as lemon juice can decrease tooth enamel.

Kiwi: One of the TOP HEALING FRUITS/FOODS! They contain sixteen times MORE Vitamin C than an orange and also contain a huge amount of Vitamin E. Due to their rich array of disease-fighting antioxidants, and phytonutrients, they are often prescribed in certain nutritional therapies to fight cancer and heart disease. Adding a kiwi into your morning smoothie is an easy way to get these benefits!

As I always say, FOOD is FUEL! Select ingredients in your diet, like citrus fruits, and I guarantee you will be functioning at a higher level, leading to more productive and happier days!

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