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Today’s Smoothie (aka: Balanced Beauty Blend) can be a great meal replacement but is specifically designed for muscle-recovery, post-workout.



🥥 Coconut Water 💦
🍃 Spinach / Leafy Greens 🥬
💪🏻1 Scoop Protein Powder
🥶 Ice for thicker consistency
🍌 1 Banana (frozen, for thicker smoothie consistency)


🥥 Coconut water is great for recovery because it has all-natural electrolytes and is key for hydration. It also has potassium, which paired with your banana, will help provide those muscles with a sweet recovery to rebuild stronger and faster.

💪🏻 I often get asked recommendations for Protein Powder — I personally love this brand because it’s #PlantBased #NonGMO #GlutenFree … etc! If you’re going to use a powder to supplement, I recommend one with all-natural ingredients, like this one. Avoid anything processed, chemical and find one that is plant-based & gluten-fee, using pea or rice proteins– This is better on your recovery and for your digestion.


🥬 In this protein shake, I say to throw in GREENS because it’s the perfect place to sneak them into your day!.. I know most of my clients are not huge fans of eating greens all day long, so it’s a great opportunity to get them into your diet—Don’t worry, the sweetness of the coconut water and banana will hide the taste 😉

BALANCED BEAUTY TIP: Greens are soooo important to eat all day, throughout the day, because they oxygenate your blood, add fiber and will aid your digestion! Think of them as your “ALL-NATURAL FAT BURNER!” (Not to mention– Side effect: Healthy glowing skin)

🙌🏻 Lastly— Aside from being a great post-workout recovery shake, this blend will help to BOOST MOOD & ENERGY, as it’s loaded with B vitamins… Very important to keep you happy, positive and feeling great— especially during these times!

Smoothies can be a great way to get some added protein into your diet and to supplement pre/post workout, but remember: EATING Whole Foods is very important for your overall nutrition…Please DO NOT drink all your meals!!! This can be counter-productive to weight-loss. Too much of anything is NEVER a good thing- Work with me if interested to learn why….Everything in BALANCE!


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