Spirituality is the heart pumping the blood of The Balanced Beauty. It is the loving force that guides all posts, blogs and has influenced the creation and foundation of this business.

To The Balanced Beauty, “spirituality” = inner peace and acceptance.

The Balanced Beauty, Private Holistic Health Coaching By Aly Mang, SpiritualityI believe this is a crucial component to having health, confidence and happiness in life. Discussing this component with clients is what differentiates me from other nutritionists or wellness coaches.

I create a space that is comfortable and 100% confidential, where you can express your challenges and fears in a judge-free environment. I serve as the sounding board for these challenges and fears, and help you come up with realistic action plans to move past any roadblocks holding you back from achieving your goals.

Often times, I work with clients to lose weight and we switch gears to focus primarily on this “spirituality” component… Reason being, many of us are programmed to eat when we are stressed and emotional. This is why some of the very best foods are called, “COMFORT FOODS.” We seek these foods when we need emotional support instead of resolving the root cause of the issue.

We all have the power inside to heal ourselves of ailments, problems or challenges we face… This can be extremely difficult to do alone.

It is my mission to help clients re-discover unique gifts, strengths and achieve total transformation with mind, body, and spirit.

This package is highly customized for true transformation and change.



Do you feel alone? Not good enough?… Even when you reach career, fitness or relationship success, you feel a void, emptiness or unhappiness?

I have learned why this happens, where this comes from and how you can overcome these feelings. On The Balanced Beauty plan, you will connect back to your true, authentic self and reignite your light!


  • Create an action plan to let go of fears and limiting beliefs
  • Release the past and become more present
  • Set intentions for the future you want to set into existence for yourself
  • Harness the power of intention daily
  • Become more aware, conscious and mindful
  • Set you on the path to: Live the life of your dreams. Be who you want to be. Do the things you want to do!!!
  •  Re-think, Re-focus, and CREATE a happy, healthy, fabulous life!


  • Nutrition/Healthy lifestyle
  • Your issues, fears, doubts
  • Releasing negativity
  • Energy
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Book Recommendations
  • Mantras
  • Inspiration/ motivation
  • Guided curriculums/course-work
  • Your purpose/ strengths
  • Loss/ Death
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Visualization techniques
  • Imagination
  • Holistic remedies/ healing

“There is infinite possibility inside each of us. Wake up to who you really are.” – Deepak Chopra

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*Pricing dependent on length and scope of coaching.

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Coach Aly