Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn- “My Time To Shine”

capricornToday, I woke up happier and more full of love than ever before. I am not going to lie, in the winter- I often wake up tired and a little sluggish…Today, I burst out of bed and couldn’t wait to start to my day.

I then realized…Today is the beginning of Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.

As a Capricorn baby, my body must be in-line with the energies this phase brings and why I feel so strongly compelled to share with you the truth about these moon phases, and how it can help you ignite your light and shine your brightest!


The next three weeks are all about whether we are contributing to the world the best expression of who we truly are. It is important to free yourself from the stories and false beliefs that get in the way of offering your most authentic selves to this world.

capricornWe were all born unique, with certain skills and talents. When we use these skills and talents, we are on target with what we came here to do. We live as an expression of love.

Mercury retrograde phases are some of the most magical and powerful opportunities we have to create conscious change in our lives. To shift our mindset, focus and recalibrate and reenergize our bodies.


When Mercury is in Capricorn, theres no opting out of the work that lies ahead. The deeper we go, the freer we get. Use this time to slow down and hit the “reset” button…Perfect timing with New Years Eve just days away.

Recommit to the goals of 2016 and don’t give up on them!!! Rather than focusing on what lies ahead or making new goals, remember how far you have come this year. Think back to the things you wanted to do or achieve. Give yourself credit for the small wins, and of course the big wins!

capricornIf you didn’t achieve as much as you hoped, ask yourself why? Rather than get down about it- I want you to shift from negative to positive and realize one thing:

Often times, we have lofty goals. We want big things…When they don’t happen, we get down on ourselves. I want you to realize something true– The Universe isn’t ready for you just yet.

All your steps in the direction you are going are helping to build and are making you stronger… Preparing you for the road ahead. Every step in the direction of the dream, IS a correct one. The difficulties, set-backs, or let downs along the way are simply lessons….Growth for your soul. They are all positives. Everything else around you must align and match up for it to all come to be. The best things in life take time.

Be patient. Know that when the timing is right, all the work and efforts WILL pay off. The saying,”It is always darkest before the dawn” is also true, and we must endure the BALANCE of life– The Yin & Yang. You cannot have light without darkness…

You couldn’t possibly appreciate the good and love of the world, if there wasn’t also some dark and pain. We couldn’t understand one without the other. There is always something to gain from every experience,whether difficult or full of ecstasy and joy. Each and every situation has a purpose and is part of a greater plan.

I know this concept may bet extremely difficult for some people to understand, but when you take a step back and look at the big picture of life– Things truly do fit together like a puzzle. And the more conscious and aware you are of your own life choices, the more apt you will be in discovering your own truth. Your own purpose. The awareness that already exists within yourself, that you know EXACTLY who and what you are, and what you came here to do in this lifetime.

  • If 2016 was a difficult year, know 2017 will be wonderful. All the seeds you planted this year are bound to blossom in the future days ahead.
  • If 2016 was your year, keep the momentum going. Positive attracts more positive and with a full grateful heart, you can keep bringing the best of life closer to you.

I am so appreciative for you following The Balanced Beauty and reading this. My soul mission and purpose is truly to help you make healthy choices and be a teacher of love. I open my heart fully to send you faith in yourself, that anything REALLY IS possible if you believe.

ALY MANGWhile I have had some successes and am grateful for many things this past year- 2016 has been one of my most challenging years. I have cried my way from month to month, hoping for things that have yet to come… I have endured some difficult losses and have been faced with many situations that have broken me down and tested my character.

I choose to believe, the difficulties were all part of a grander plan. I humbly bow to the teachings of the year with grace and ask for forgiveness in the moments I could have done better. At the same time, I acknowledge my strength and courage when faced with these challenges…

I believe we are all tested. I believe we go through things just to prove how badly we really want them or that we are worthy of receiving….I believe deep down, we already know what will happen and when. I remind myself to let go and ease up on wanting. I refocus on giving. On thinking of others instead of myself. When you surrender and live for others, this is when the greater plan unfolds. You are here to serve others.

As you use your skills, talents and use this retrograde phase to realign with who you truly are, remember you are an expression of love. Let your light shine, be you, and do this for others– Not for ego. Not for selfish gain.

Don’t be afraid to share the truest part of who you are with others, as doing this, is your exact way of contributing to society and giving love.

Whatever you want- Whatever you are dreaming about, I have faith for you it will come to fruition. I have no doubts you have that desire or dream for a reason and it is my prayer you all receive the best life has to offer in 2017.

As one last tip– I suggest you use these next three weeks to:
1. Give thanks. Be grateful.
2. Write your dreams and goals
3. Create a vision board. Fill it with pictures, words, images, quotes– All things that allow you to realign with the truth of who you are. Express yourself and allow it to help guide you into the New Year.

I hope you reconnect with your highest self and share this best part of yourself with others this season.

As always, sending love and wishing you the HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST of Holidays!

NEW YEARS MANTRA: “My time to shine!”


Health & Happiness,
Coach Aly

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