Renee, Mom of 2

December 10, 2015

“Aly was recommended to me by a friend during a dark period in my life.  I had just lost one of my twins to premature birth.  I was staying with the other twin a few hours from home, where she was in the NICU.

I initially contacted Aly because I wanted to improve our family’s eating habits and thought I would have time to do so while on maternity leave.   We had started to rarely cook healthy meals at home, given our busy work schedules and long commutes.  I wanted things to be different at home when our long NICU stay was finally over.  That is, I wanted to eat healthy meals as a family on a regular basis, and I thought Aly might be able to help with the meal-planning portion of this.

What Aly gave me was so much more than that; she truly takes a holistic approach!  After our first conversation she quickly honed in on the fact that we did not have a meal issue.  We had a lifestyle issue.  Since the birth of our first child, I had wanted to have more control of my time to cook nice food and work out. I also wanted to pursue a more fulfilling career.

She helped me see that the most important step I could take is to see things in a positive light and approach decisions from a place of love, not fear. In the spirit of “like attracts like,” being positive could change the potential outcome of a situation.  For example, I have seen this over and over in the NICU, where I did not allow myself, or the doctors, talk negatively of the potential outcome before the test results are even back.

After working with Aly, I feel in control of my happiness by choosing positivity and gratitude instead of feeling like a victim.  As she says, it is hard to feel down when thinking good thoughts!  I am also in the process of revamping my career to suit my long-term goals.  The eating piece has naturally improved with her tips, in conjunction with starting to exercise again (plus, I no longer crave as much sugar and coffee.) By taking back control of my time, I now realize that showing up is half the battle.  Family meals are now a delight, not a chore.

This has also changed my relationship with my husband.  He is naturally a very positive person.  He is so pleased to see me happy and healthy, especially given the challenges we have been through as a family.  Thank you, Aly, for offering a customized, holistic approach!!”

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