Health/Spirituality, 6 Month Client

January 28, 2019

“Working with Aly shifted my 2018 and life vibes in a way that I never saw coming. I signed up to work with her to put together a weight loss and marathon training program, but it was apparent right from the getgo to both of us that there were deeper issues that had nothing to do with those topics that needed to be addressed. 

I’ve spent many thousands of dollars on fixing, coaches, training, meal plans, etc., but it wasn’t until working with Aly that I was able to slow down and actually connect the dots between each learning that I had picked up along the way and yet why I still felt like there was something “wrong.” As I shifted my focus away from weight loss and the training, I gained something much more important to me, a higher emotional awareness, faith in myself, overall sense of higher vibes, and seeing the universe meet me halfway on so many things. When things haven’t been going the way I wanted, she taught me to discover for myself what the missing links often were. 

I loved so much about working with her, but I truly loved her sense of always knowing what I was going to need to talk about, her gentle yet no BS approach, and how the aim was never to create a dependency on her, but instead to help me learn that I truly do have all I need but that I have to up the faith in myself to access it. I feel so much more in a state of love, truth, authenticity, feminine, alignment, and flow. I have a new focus on prioritizing unconditional self love, listening and slowing down, and letting myself flow into achieving goals vs. having to warrior through. I’m now able to truly let myself live in awe and appreciation for my body and my story, whereas I’ve otherwise spent my entire life feeling like I just wasn’t measuring up to anyone’s (including my own) expectations. . . I can’t thank you enough, Aly!” 

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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly