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Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Do you know if you’re Vitamin D deficient?… Are you 100% sure you aren’t?

The reason I ask you is because this is a serious health crisis…  It’s been estimated that 50% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

A lack of Vitamin D has been associated with putting you at an increased risk to suffering from some very serious health conditions. What’s worse is that most people, like yourself, don’t even know they’re Vitamin D deficient, unless they pay for expensive testing or encounter the serious health consequences.

Lack of energy, gaining extra body fat, irritability and moodiness…All signs you may deficient.   

What most do not know is that Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin but more of a hormone…Weird right? It’s actually what we call a pro-hormone, which is a substance that can be converted into a hormone.

What’s unique about Vitamin D is that our bodies don’t need a food source for it. Our skin has the ability to take ultraviolet B rays from sunshine and make this vital component to happiness that if you don’t have enough of can actually cause life threatening health problems. 

Vitamin D receptors have been found in almost every tissue in our bodies, showing strong associations with our cardiovascular, immunological, reproductive, cognitive and metabolic health. Yes! That’s almost all areas of your health.

Vitamin D mediates its effects through these receptors in the cell nucleus, effecting gene expressions via the production of Calcitriol (a potent steroid hormone with many biological actions). Scientists estimate that Calcitriol or the lack of it can affect the expression of hundreds of different genes, now associated with over 200 MAJOR health problems, such as:
– Cognitive impairment in older adults
– Depression
– Osteoporosis (Vitamin D is vital in proper absorption of calcium for strong bones)
– Obesity (The active form of vitamin D effects the production of insulin, effecting insulin sensitivity – which is directly related to fat loss)
– At least 16 types of cancers (including Prostate, Colon, and Breast cancers)
– Type 1 and 2 Diabetes

  • Want to get sick less? 
  • Want stronger Bones? 
  • Want more “Nutritional Insurance”? 
  • Want to feel happier? 

The answer to ALL of the above is: GET MORE VITAMIN D!!!!

Here’s some good news: You can very easily get more Vitamin D in your body by doing any one (or preferably all) of the following: 

1. Get enough Sun (The Best Solution)

Make an effort to mix sun exposure in with your daily routine. Have a lunch date to catch up with an old friend? Choose an outside table.

Start off with just 10 short minutes a day this week. Then next week bump it up to 20 minutes a day. Then 30 minutes a day the following week. The more skin you expose the better (and remember, incremental exposure is the key, not burning)!

In my opinion, this is the first step you take in the direction of adequate vitamin D levels. All natural is always the best way!

2. Eat enough egg yolks and oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, and tuna! 

These foods contain Vitamin D3 (the type we make in our skin and eat in our diet). If you are completely lacking these foods in your current diet, add a minimum of 1-2 servings per week to start.

3. Supplement with a Quality Premium Vitamin D3

If you work in an office all day, don’t get much exposure to sunlight, hate fish, feel that you may be Vitamin D deficient or need a boost– you may want to consider a Quality Premium Supplement….

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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly