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SEXY Summer Legs-Holistic Remedies for Varicose Veins!

The SUMMER has arrived and I know all my Balanced Beauties want to feel their best on the beach and at events during the warm-weather months…But how many of us are self-conscious about showing off our legs?

A common problem among women are varicose or “spider” veins.

What are they? You have valves in your veins that keep the blood flowing properly. When they become defective, the blood pools, making the veins swell and twist. Obesity, pregnancy, injuries, hormones, and standing for a long time are all common reasons these veins form. They are red, blue and twisty in appearance. They can be dangerous because of possible blood clots, but mostly are just ugly looking to many of us!
How to keep your legs looking fabulous?
…Without spending a fortune on products, taking unhealthy pills or undergoing surgery!
Change your diet Load up on fiber and cut down on saturated fat, salt, and processed foods. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In addition to fiber, fruits and vegetables provide vitamins C and E which help strengthen your circulatory system.

Lose weight A combination of a healthy diet and a solid exercise program should help you shed extra pounds and will help avoid these veins from appearing.

Exercise Start a regular exercise routine. Walking, swimming, and yoga give your leg muscles a great work out…Be careful not to overdo it; if someone has varicose veins and is killing themselves marathon running or becoming dehydrated, they will only be making matters worse!
Avoid standing in heels,
especially for long periods of time!

Wear comfortable clothing– Tight clothes, especially garments that fit you snugly around your waist, can obstruct circulation…Sadly, so can high heels, ladies! If varicose veins are an issue for you, opt for looser clothing and flats or wedges, to avoid circulatory issues.
Don’t stand still– If you need to be on your feet for long stretches of time, rock from one leg to the other or paced back-and-forth to keep your muscles moving.
Don’t cross your legs– This cuts off circulation. When you sit down, use a footstool to keep your feet level with, or slightly higher than, your hips. Many businesses have ergonomics programs and may be able to provide you with a lift to place under your desk at work. Check with your HR Department.

Soak in hot and cold

Jump in the pool then the hot tub, and repeat!

Alternating between cold and hot water constricts and dilates your blood vessels. Your vessels get a workout and become stronger. Keep your legs in cold water for about 15 minutes, then switch to warm water for several minutes. Best place to do this: between a pool and a hot tub!

Stop smoking! This is unhealthy for many reasons but this habit narrows your blood vessels so blood has trouble moving through your body. QUIT- QUIT- QUIT!!!!!

Know your family history-Thin skin, week veins, and poor circulation might run in your family. If your mother had varicose veins, you should take precautions early so you don’t develop the same conditions.

Travel smart-Sitting for long periods of time, even if you’re flying first-class on an airplane, can be dangerous. If you have varicose veins, you’re at even greater risk of developing a potentially deadly blood clot.

When flying, wear compression stockings, move your legs and feet, try to get up and walk around the cabin every hour, exercise your calf muscles while sitting, ask your doctor if he/she recommends taking a low-dose aspirin, drink plenty of water, avoid alcoholic beverages, avoid caffeine, and (a hard habit for us ladies to break) try to not cross your legs! When sitting in a car, try and pull over and take breaks to walk or stretch!

Fortify your veins with herbs!

Surgery and drugs can clear up varicose veins, but why not try something gentler, like herbs? Plants, are the root of all medicine and the foundation of good health! Using herbs in addition to a sensible diet, exercise routine, and maintaining a healthy weight should help you keep these unsightly veins away!

Check with the doctor before taking or incorporating any herbs into your diet. The following are some that help to improve circulation and the symptoms of varicose veins:

Horse chestnut seed extractThe most effective herbal remedy for varicose veins, horse chestnut seed extract reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and strengthens your veins.

Ginkgo biloba– This does wonders for blood flow, especially in tiny capillaries that connect arteries to veins. It also protects the walls of your blood vessels and strengthens your capillaries.

Butcher’s broom– This ancient herb reduces inflammation and firms up your veins. It helps with pain, heaviness, and swelling.

Gout Kola– This is an ancient Ayurvedic herb–used for a wide range of problems, including depression and high blood pressure. It improves blood flow while strengthening veins and capillaries.

Garlic– This keeps your blood from clumping or becoming too sticky. Garlic helps keep your blood moving through your blood vessels and reduces the risk of blood clots.

Grape seed extract– A powerful antioxidant that is a deadly weapon against varicose veins. Like garlic, this helps improve blood flow and stops your blood from clumping and clotting.

Foods and herbs can heal!

In today’s modern world of fast food, rising obesity rates and fad diets it is important to understand YOUR BODY and choose the natural foods and herbs that are right to support it.

Through healthy food choices you can heal many ailments and turn back the clock to stop the aging process!

I hope you will start to look at foods and herbs as natural remedies, before reaching for expensive or unhealthy pills, products or going under the knife!

Taking a natural approach to nourishing your body can, and will, improve the quality of your life!

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