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O- MEGA Withdrawals!

omegasYou know the old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone?”…This is how I currently feel about Omega 3s and how I yearn to have them back in my body!!!

You see, I just had surgery this past week, and it is a requirement to remove any blood thinning medications, aspirin or fish oils (Omega 3s) prior to any surgical procedures. The reason is because they have a blood thinning effect and when consumed at higher doses, may cause a person to bleed and bruise more easily.

Removing Omegas from my diet for 3-4 weeks pre-surgery had me feeling different. I noticed aches and pains I have never felt before and was feeling much more sore after workouts. I was also more fatigued and way less alert and focused than usual.

Since Omegas are the only supplement I take (in addition to my daily greens), it was easy to identify this was the one and only change I have made that would cause such symptoms.

omegas food

Omegas- Found in foods like avocado, flax seeds, and olive oil

Like most vitamins or supplements, sometimes you notice their effects, sometimes you don’t. In my case, I wasn’t fully appreciating the magic of Omegas, until I was no longer taking them on a daily basis. These past weeks have proven their effectiveness in muscle recovery, alleviation of joint pain, mental alertness, focus and to achieve an all-around healthier glow and clear skin.

Omega-3s are one of the most important supplements to include in your diet for overall health and anti-aging. Studies have shown fish oil helps to improve mood, fight depression, benefits joints, balances hormones, improves energy, lowers blood pressure and can aid your weight loss goals.

I offer the highest quality Omega 3 supplement on my site. It is the only one I trust, personally take and recommend to clients.

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PS- No worries!…surgery went great and I am back to eating healthy foods, rich in vitamins, for a speedy, Balanced Beauty recovery! 🙂

Balanced Beauty Tip: An all-natural substitute, especially when not taking Omegas, is ARNICA. This is an all-natrual product that helps cut down swelling, bruising, pain after injury (or workout). It is homeopathic and does not have any interaction when taking with other medications.

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