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Live Lighter & Brighter – Leo Energy To Help Raise Your Spirit

How are you feeling?

It’s been an extraordinarily interesting time in our world’s history.

As we slowly creep out of quarantine and isolation, it is normal to be feeling overwhelmed with emotions and even confused. Our lives have changed in a drastic way and will continue to change.

During these past months, every single aspect of our lives have been CHALLENGED

The way we eat. Our sleep schedules, daily routines, workout regimens, educations systems, commutes, places of business, friendships, relationships, the way we dress… Just about every aspect of our lives has been put under review, with one main question for us all to think about: WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? 

It feels like COVID and QUARANTINE has given us a “time-out” and opportunity to re-access; Values, priorities, goals, family structure, routines and overall desires.

  • What did you miss most from your lifestyle before?
  • What did you wish you could do more of?
  • What were you so thrilled you no longer had to do?
  • What were you challenged by?
  • What was positive from this time, personally and/or professionally?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What do you value most, as you look forward to the future?

Right now is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your time in quarantine and realize we have an opportunity to step into the light of summer, revive our spirits and take charge of what we really want for the remainder of this year and beyond. We are coming into a very sacred time of our spiritual calendar- 8/8 “The Lions Gate” with LEO/LION energy here to lift us and propel us forward…with much needed good vibes to help us along!

The “Leo energy” we all experience, regardless of your personal zodiac sign, is associated with ROYALTY.

This energy allows us all to come into alignment with living higher vibrationally on every level. Think of it as a time to “super charge” and reach your highest physical and spiritual vibration for the year. The more time you spend outdoors and connect to nature right now, the more you will feel this uplifting and healing boost. If you quiet the noise of your mind (ego) and connect to your heart (heart-chakra aka “lion heart”) you will really be able to lift you spirit and create the good feelings and emotions necessary to bring life to a better, more peaceful state.


I encourage you to take time for yourself this weekend to really define 3 main things:


The moment you get clear and focused on these 3 things, the easier it is to align your energy with your soul’s highest and best potential.

How can you expect to have your dream life and feel good if you haven’t properly or clearly defined the basics?

It may seem simple or silly, but getting clear and having conviction around these 3 points will really help you navigate the right path for where you are in your life RIGHT NOW, and where you WISH TO BE. As you align your energy and make choices for yourself- new people, places and things will enter your life and help support you on your path. Don’t be surprised of synchronicities and signs popping up everywhere giving you a “wink” that you are on the right track. These signs will be unique to you and you will FEEL them when you see them. Trust your intuition and instincts, especially during this time as they will be heightened.

While change can be difficult, it is also inevitable. The more you flow, adapt, transform and evolve with the times– the easier life will be. In the big picture, I believe what is happening right now is perfectly designed to help us all evolve, for the better.

My final recommendation is to not fight changes or challenges because it will only make things more difficult for you. Look at everything that comes at you as an opportunity to learn and grow. Ask yourself, “What is this teaching me?” and you will find EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your life has a purpose, to help make you the best you can be.

The Leo / Lion energy is amazing for royalty, abundance and cultivating your best you— but it will also take COURAGE. Make bold and fearless choices and the Universe will reward you.


Sending Love, Peace, Blessings & Best Wishes for a Healthy & Happy Summer,

Coach Aly

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