Special LABOR DAY Treat: The Balanced Beauty’s Trouble Zone Workout Video!

Hi Beauties!

Aly Mang, The Balanced Beauty LLC, Private Holistic Health Coaching

I cannot believe Labor Day weekend is here!!! I am so proud of all of you for eating clean, prioritizing your health, and making healthier choices over these past summer months!

For those of you who want to take your body to the next level or to those who may have fallen off the wagon with summer BBQs, happy hours, and fro-yo… I am SO EXCITED to share with you this AMAZING WORKOUT VIDEO created by Women’s Health, “The Next Fitness Star Finalist” and friend, Noell Yanik!

Noell has created a special Trouble Zone Workout for all us Balanced Beauties! This is an efficient, overall body workout to torch calories, target trouble areas, and sculpt muscles to tighten, lean-out and tone!

Areas targeted: Under arms, waist line, love handles, saddle bags, thighs, and booty!

The series includes:

  • Lunges/Squats: Working your thighs and booty- Major calorie burn!
  • Short Interval:  Full Body
  • Floor work: Moves for a smaller waist/tight core



You will need: 1) Dumbbells, for arms 2)  Mat, for on the floor moves

Noell will walk you through this circuit to say, “Bye-Bye to bra-fat, love handles and saddle bags” and “Hello” to a flat tummy, tight under arms and major BOOTY LIFT!
One overall body workout, in an efficient circuit, all in the comfort of your own home – What more could a Balanced Beauty ask for?!
Noell mentions many times in the video that exercise needs to be combined with a proper diet  to see the results of your workouts and have those beautiful, defined muscles shine through!
Noell’s Top Health Tips:
1. Eat clean/fresh foods
2. Get into a routine- Eat every 1 1/2 – 3 hours
3. Stay hydrated- drink water throughout the day
4. Don’t eat meals too close to bedtime
5. 80% of ALL WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS comes from clean eating!
If you are ready to take your current regimen to the next level, EmailInfo@TheBalancedBeauty.com to set up a consultation and learn about various programs to detox and clean up your diet. Also, check out Noell’s website and Youtube channel for additional workouts: NoellYanikFitness.com
The Balanced Beauty’s clean eating and Noell’s fitness routines = YOUR ROCKIN BODY!

Thanks to everyone who voted for Noell in Women’s Health, The Next Fitness Star competition AND BIG THANKS to Noell for sending love to The Balanced Beauty and followers by creating this awesome workout!!!

Enjoy the video beauties… And have a safe, happy Labor Day weekend! xo


Hi, Beauty!

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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly