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It would be really easy to quit.
It would be really easy to let go of big dreams.
It’s would be really easy to say it’s too hard and back down…To not push or challenge yourself; But then I ask you- what’s the point of this life?
What’s the point of it all, if your not pushing, dreaming, and working towards something important? Something “impossible?”
Life is what you make it…But know, even choosing something simple- never really is. The point of this life is to learn lessons and grow. To develop your soul. To help others. To give more than you take…
I encourage you to aim high. Never quit. Never give up. To make the most of your every days… To make healthy choices. To have faith and persistence when it comes to following your dreams and goals.

I know and have experienced first hand (like many of you) how precious life is and how tomorrow is never guaranteed.
Live every day to the fullest. Take a chance. Tell someone you love them. Extend apologies and forgiveness where applicable and open your heart to the possibility of joy, happiness and big dreams that will come true, if you let go of fear, resistance, and allow what’s meant for you to flow to you as they are meant to.
What’s in your heart- your desire- was put there for a reason. Like any fire, it will only grow stronger if you fuel it.
Always remember: An open, loving, grateful heart is a magnet for good things and miracles. Challenge yourself. Push yourself and never give up on believing in yourself.

YOU alone CHOOSE to make it happen!


Much Love,

Coach Aly


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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly