“A lot of people feel stuck or imprisoned or confined by their current circumstances. Whatever your circumstances right now, that is only your current reality.” Dr Joe Vitale 

If you have the desire to change (your body, relationships, work, energy etc.)  
all you need is the right mindset
Here are 5 ACTIONABLE things you can do TODAY:
* To feel your best and glow from within:
1. Start with a shift in your way of thinking: CHOOSE to see situations differently.
You cannot control situations, people or events outside of you, but you can control YOU. Take a moment before reacting or judging. Make no assumptions.
2. Try to go 1 full day with only seeing the “good“… Pause more. Look for the positive. Take notice of the beauty around you…the little things. Appreciate it all.
3. Focus on all of the things you have…not what you lack. Feel grateful. Make a list of everything you can think of that you are grateful for. Make the list on-going. Add something NEW every day!
Somewhere, someone is praying for the blessings you take for granted.”
4. No complaining, gossiping or judging. Think loving, accepting, nurturing thoughts. If you say or think something negative, forgive yourself (you are human), and remember to shift your mindset. CHOOSE to see the situation differently. From a loving, positive perspective.
5. Forgive anyone and everyone. Don’t hold grudges. In the end, it is only hurting you. Break the negative cycle. Free yourself from pain, heartache. Choose to forgive.
Feel the energetic shift that occurs within you. Watch the way it changes how you interact with others. Notice how they change too. Feel yourself lift higher, feel lighter, healthier and happier.
Be kind. Be open…. Embrace your NEW reality! 
The Balanced Beauty is a beautiful light; one of her empowering mantras:
Repeat Daily. Place as a reminder in your phone, on your desk, on a post-it, in a photo… Share and live this message to bring light and love into your life and to share with others!
Break down the walls of your own confinement. Be YOU. Live your DREAM!
Hi, Beauty!

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Health & Happiness,

Coach Aly